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An optimized website can easily market itself and bring 1000s of visitors every day from different sources like directories and search engines and we give your website that optimization.

Here, at 2 Steps Solutions, our team of SEO professionals make sure that your website is highly optimized for all popular search engines. We make sure that your website carries all the SEO standards starting from design to development. Our goal is always to take your website to the highest rankings in search engines like google, live (MSN), yahoo, ask and altavista for keywords searching and increase the ranking of your web pages.

On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
  • XHTML Standards / Optimization

  • Server side code optimization

  • URLs optimzation

  • Meta tags updates

  • Content placement

  • Hierarchy of Heading tags

  • Minimum coding, Maximum content

  • Directory Submissions

  • Link building / Exchange

  • Meta content research

  • Sitemap.xml

  • Robots.txt

  • Keywords density research

  • Articles writing

  • With rapidly changing rules and complex algorithms of search engines along with exponentially growing websites, it has become very difficult to keep your website in top rankings without SEO experts.

    You can always rely on our SEO professionals to give your website the highest possible rank and take it to the top of every search engine.

    We are aware of your competitors, We know where do they stand and how to get on top of them to increase your business revenue.
    2 Steps Solutions SEO Services

    At the start of the contract, a detailed MS Excel SEO plan will be provided with all the activies listed that will be performed for the month.

    A detailed MS Excel Progress Report will be submited twice a week.